Our service offerings are designed to help businesses become more organized, business-ready, certification-ready, contract-ready, and loan-ready. This is the only platform on the market where entrepreneurs, small businesses, and non-profits receive coaching, mentoring, technical support, and management support to compliment the services listed below.

We help small, micro, and non-profit businesses master their back-office operations as well as keeping them competent and compliant while demonstrating a much stronger value proposition and unique selling proposition (USP) to their clients much better than the competition.

Back-Office Management & Compliance

SmallBizPro is a digital cloud-based platform that helps small businesses, entrepreneurs, and non-profits create and store all key organizational and compliance documents needed to operate and manage your business on a daily basis according to local, state, and federal government's regulations and requirements.

This unique business management & compliance system automatically sets up your business structure and back-office, no matter which legal structure you choose, such as; [Sole Proprietorship, General Partnership, LLC, C-Corp, S-Corp, or Non-profit]. This automatic back-office set-up occurs as soon as you enter your basic company data such as; [company name, address, type of business, industry, size of business, description, etc.]. Then, the system automatically creates a back-office based on the data you provided, then guides you on what types of required and recommended documents you need to run the business efficiently and successfully.

To help you stay ahead of your competitors, SmallBizPro even provides you built-in templates to help businesses create their own business plans, capability statement, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, four-year projections, statement of qualifications (SOQ), Form W-9, and other important templates which enable small businesses to be sustainable and efficient.

Business-Readiness Assessment

Business-readiness means your company's business structure and back-office is properly set-up, designed, and ready for implementation with an active checklist of all key compliance documents needed to operate and manage your business according to city, county, state, and federal government's regulations and requirements. With SmallBizPro you will never ever miss another business or contract opportunity ever again! Because all of the key record-keeping documents will be awaiting you in the cloud and at your finger-tips on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop via the SmallBizPro App.

Bank Loan Readiness

SmallBizPro allows you to upload and store your balance sheet, profit & loss, statement of cashflow, tax returns, budgets, lines-of-credit, break-even analysis, receipts and other important financial documents so that you can retrieve them in seconds anywhere, anytime for review, to update, or demonstrate that you are financially competent. SmallBizPro automatically calculates your debt ratio, current ratio, quick ratio and other business ratios for you so that you are prepared when you go in front of lenders, investors, or even if you want to see how your company measure-up against others in your industry. 9 out of 10 lenders prefer to do business with small businesses, suppliers, and vendors who use SmallBizPro to manage their financial and business operations. It helps to enhance your cash flow position, and business valuation if you need to know what the company is worth or if you are considering selling the business. SmallBizPro helps your business stay ready at all times; if you stay ready, you don't need to get ready! You can easily access all of this data by going the App store [Google and Apple] and download the SmallBizPro App and begin accessing your docs today in seconds.

Contract-Readiness Assessment

Contract-readiness means a company has the ability to develop the capacity and prepare themselves with all of the required compliance paperwork to efficiently help the business pursue and win contracts. SmallBizPro provides a checklist of compliance documents that small businesses need in order to become contract-ready and pursue contract opportunities. All you need to do is follow the Tile structure by uploading and storing your docs in their respective places and you should be ready. All key compliance documents needed to be contract compliant with public works, city, county, state, and federal government's regulations and requirements.

With SmallBizPro you will never ever miss another contract opportunity ever again! All of your key contract-readiness documents will be awaiting you in the cloud and at your finger-tips on your smartphone, tablet, laptop, or desktop via the SmallBizPro App.

Superior Record-Keeping

SmallBizPro provides a simple and easy Back-office platform that allows business owners and executives to store their key organizational documents in four pre-determined business categories of their business infrastructure which enables them to quickly retrieve any stored documents within 10 seconds or less.

By utilizing this patent-pending and specific system, business owners can make and close deals while located anywhere in the world. SmallBizPro operates as an on-line business and file management system that helps entrepreneurs organize their business operations so that all key policies, procedures, business practices, reports, and operating documents are developed and stored in one-place (location) in the cloud via our website. Critical documents as-needed can easily be accessed on-demand by utilizing electronic mobile devices such as Tablets, iPhones, iPads, Laptops & Desktops computers, Notebook, etc. or via the SmallBizPro App.

Cash Flow & Ratio Management

SmallBizPro provides templates, sample documents and systems to help guide small businesses and non-profits on what key financial documents are required to maintain solvency and financial stability within their organization. This platform requests the business owners balance sheets; profit & loss statements; statements of cash flow; budgets; lines-of-credit; 6 different types of ratios that the system automatically calculates for you; gross profit margin; break-even analyses in order to enable them to be able to check, monitor, and measure cash flow within the office or while on-the-go. The SmallBizPro App that is easily downloadable allows small businesses to access this type of data from their phone on-demand.

Certification Paperwork Compliance

Certification is the process by which a business entity that is pre-dominantly (51% or more) owned, operated, actively managed, and its daily operations controlled by:

  • Women;
  • Presumed Minority group members [Latino, African American, Asian, Native, etc.];
  • Economically disadvantaged;
  • Persons with disabilities; or
  • Via SBA size standards;
Receives official recognition through official documentation by a government agency (local government, county, state, or federal entity).

Most agencies require a business entity to be certified before they can bid on public works contracts. For each certification type there is a list of required paperwork by each certifying agency, so SmallBizPro guides you on which documents are required and where should be stored so that you can quickly and easily access them on-demand. Certification-readiness is the key to becoming certified.


SmallBizPro provides small businesses the convenience of accessing thousands of bids and procurement opportunities from City, State, and Federal contract providers throughout the entire continental United States, in all 50 states. Small businesses can start accessing bid opportunities below immediately! Select a state, federal, or industry specific opportunity and click on the Procurement links on the Dashboard to access open bids and contract opportunities in seconds.

Start gaining direct access to tens of thousands of contract and procurement opportunities immediately and bolster you company's revenue stream! SmallBizPro provides small businesses the convenience of quickly accessing contracts and procurement opportunities all-in-one location from multiple commercial, municipal, county, state, and federal contract providers.

Market Research

SmallBizPro provides small businesses convenience of on-demand direct access to industry and market research, statistical data, and reports at their fingertips all in one place. Just go to the Dashboard and click on the Market Research Button then on the drop-down menu then select "Find Stats & Market Data".

SmallBizPro organizes and garners Industry data from, the U.S. Census, American Fact Finder,,, and other platforms.

Discover unique opportunities hidden in more than 1,000 industry segments! SmallBizPro provides small businesses access to market analysis tools that help sales and marketing teams perform faster and smarter, development of the marketing segment of your business plan, open doors and close more deals. Services can be tailored to your needs.

Contract Compliance Monitoring

SmallBizPro provides small businesses a list of contract compliance reporting documents that are required by contract providers when a contract is awarded. SmallBizPro lets small businesses know what documents are required for reporting purposes.

Small businesses will have access to a list of Contract Compliance reporting documents that are required by contract providers in public works agencies.

Guidance on generating Contract Compliance reports such as:

  • DBE Quarterly Performance Plan
  • SBE Quarterly Performance Plan
  • DBE Subcontractor Agreement(s)
  • SBE Subcontract Agreement(s)
  • Request to Substitute Subcontractors/Subconsultants
  • Monthly DBE/SBE Utilization Reports
  • Good Faith Effort Narrative
  • Schedule List of All Subcontractors
  • FINAL Report
  • Etc.

Labor Compliance Reporting

SmallBizPro provides small businesses a list of Labor Compliance reporting documents that are required by contract providers in public works agencies.

Guidance on generating Labor Compliance reports such as:

  • Weekly Certified Payroll Reporting
  • Statement of Compliance
  • Statement of Non-Performance
  • Prevailing Wage Reporting & Wage Rate Table
  • DAS 140 Reporting
  • DAS 142 Reporting
  • Field Interviews with Workers
  • Letters of Assent
  • Etc.

The SmallBizPro platform efficiently organizes and manages the back-office and business operations of small businesses and non-profits. The SmallBizPro platform measures the business-readiness, contract-readiness, and bank loan-readiness status of small businesses and increases efficiency within their company's operation.

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