What is SmallBizPro?

SmallBizProTMis an all in one cloud-based Business Management & Compliance, Procurement Assistance, and Market Research Assistance system designed to help entrepreneurs and small business owners automate, guide, efficiently develop, and organize their business infrastructure and back-office operations which helps them become business-ready, contract-ready, and bank loan-ready.

This unique business management & compliance system has built-in templates to help businesses create their own business plans, capability statement, balance sheet, profit & loss statement, four-year projections, and other important templates which enable small businesses to be sustainable and efficient. This innovative tool named SmallBizProTM brings value to small businesses; minority and woman-owned business enterprises so that they can now confidently meet industry best practice compliance and contract providers' requirements while building their capacity, increasing revenues, and expanding their market share. SmallBizProTM helps businesses conduct market research; easily obtain various types of industry data, and pertinent business statistics from one convenient location. It also has contract and procurement opportunities all-in-one place.

Franchises and non-profits also utilize this easy-to- use tool to access their key organizational documents, files, reports, contracts, bids, statistics, and market data in 10 seconds or less.SmallBizProTMhelps to build sustainability, increase membership count in non-profit organizations, enhances your cash flow position, and business valuation for business enterprises. SmallBizPro also provides business owners early warning document alerts, notifications and reminders. None of our competitors has anything like this system which also has a built-in dictionary of business terms & definitions in a procurement system. 9 out of 10 lenders and contract providers prefer to do business with vendors who useSmallBizPro to manage their business operations.