Refund And Exchange Policy



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        Except as provided elsewhere in this Agreement, all sales of subscriptions or electronic products on this System pursuant to this Agreement are final. Exchanges are not permitted. When Members subscribe to this System, they agree to pay all required fees directly to Seller pursuant to the terms of this Agreement.

        Please read this policy carefully. This is the Refund and Exchange Policy of SMALLBIZPRO. Digital Products (Electronic items are products that Customers/Users can purchase online, download on their PCs to be used in a cloud-based setting). We do not issue refunds for digital products once the order is purchased, confirmed, and the product is sent or activated. We recommend contacting us for assistance if you experience any issues signing up, registering, receiving, or downloading our products.

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If you have any questions about our Refunds and Exchange Policy, please contact us:

• By visiting this page on our website: or review your written contract received when you hired a consultant you will be in compliance with this Refund and Exchange Policy.

Clients/Users can cancel their subscription or purchase of electronic products at anytime they wish without additional penalty. There will be no refund issued to subscribers/Users for any cancelled product. Single-issue refunds are not allowed unless there is a technical difficulty on the part of SMALLBIZPRO when signing up. If there is a subscription for multiple items, please be sure to identify which item you chose to cancel without refund.


       Buyer will pay Seller the Fee for each Member that purchases a subscription to the System from Buyer’s within 30 days of Buyers receipt of Member’s payment. Buyer is prohibited from using the SMALLBIZPRO signature trademark and service mark for any purpose without the express and written consent of Seller; provided, however, that Seller hereby authorizes Buyer to use the SmallBizPro signature trademark and service mark solely in connection with marketing and promoting the System and Sellers services to Buyer's Members and potential Members.

        Seller has the right to make a direct inquiry to Subscribers to ascertain if such Subscribers are adhering to the requirements of uploading and maintaining key organizational documents to ensure business-readiness, contract-readiness, and bank loan-readiness within the System. By executing this Agreement, Buyer agrees to receive notifications, alerts, reminders, emails, newsletters, product updates, and product or service improvements. Buyer understands that all personal information about the Buyer, its membership, its/their buying habits and preferences, including address and phone number, may be stored in a general and secure database. Seller represents and warrants that this information will not be shared, rented, sold or otherwise made available to third parties whether during or after the term of this Agreement. Buyer warrants that Subscriber is over 18 years of age and is authorized to make purchasing decisions on his/her own; and not subject to the Child Online Privacy Act.

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